Cloud services migrations / management

Cloud computing systems and software have become a vital component of most business IT solutions. Not only can cloud computing offer reliability, security, and data benefits over traditional onsite infrastructure, it also makes good business sense. This is achieved by leveraging an operational expenditure style of cost structure that allows you to ‘pay as you go’ with monthly or yearly terms, meaning you can avoid large capital expense items.

Robert & Morrow Technology is a highly experienced cloud computing integrator. Many of our clients already use our cloud-based solutions, which include Software as a Service products like Microsoft Office 365, and complete Infrastructure as a Service solutions based on Telstra Cloud or Microsoft Azure data centre platforms.

Cloud computing solutions consist of products and services from a wide variety of vendors and service providers. In addition to being a Telstra Cloud Professional Services Partner, RMT maintains partnerships with other reputable cloud and data service providers and software vendors including Microsoft, Citrix and Arcserve.

RMT knows that no two computing solutions are the same. A cloud computing solution has many aspects to consider, including:

  • Are your business applications suitable for a cloud-based environment?
  • What government regulations apply to the retention and geographical location of your production data?
  • What happens if you want to change cloud service providers in the future?
  • How do I transition from my traditional onsite IT solution to the cloud?
  • What is a hybrid solution and does it suit me?
  • What are the costs involved and how are they billed?

At RMT, we help our clients to achieve their goals and discover new solutions. Contact us for an honest, accurate assessment of how cloud computing may benefit your business.